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  • 明城墙

Xi'an City Wall

Xi'an City Wall, also known as Fortifications of Xi'an, is China's largest existing and best preserved ancient city wall. Anyuan Gate which is near the hostel is the north gate of Xi'an city wall. The wall was built during Ming Dynasty , officially known as the Anyuan gate. During the revolution in 1911, the insurrectionary army attack the city and the north gate tower was burned. From our double room with view, the guest ccan see city night view.

Bell tower and Drum Tower

Travelling With Hostel (Xi’an Railway Station) An Yuan Men Metro Station is located within walking distance to Bell tower and Drum tower which also known as "Twin tower" and "Civil-military tower". Both towers were built during Ming Dynasty and have 620 years of history. Drum tower was started building in Ming Zhu Yuanzhang Hongwu 13 years which was earlier than Clock tower 4 years. It was rebuilt twice in Qing Emperor Kangxi 38 years and Qing Qianlong 5 years. There was a giant drum on upstairs. They hit the drum daily and called the tower "Drum tower". Nowadays the drum does not exist but the tower is still there. Bell tower has bell performance everyday and exhibited Qi Baishi's painting gifts. You can see impressive atmosphere at night like dreaming to Tang Dynasty.

  • 钟楼
  • 西安回民街

Huimin Street in Xi an

Travelling With Hostel (Xi’an Railway Station) An Yuan Men Metro Station is located within walking distance to Huimin Street, also know as Antique Street, which has a strong Muslim culture and atmosphere for the ancient city. There are Ming Qing architecture along both side of street. Catering utensils were operated by the Hui people, with strong Islamic characteristics. There are restuarants all over this area. You can find a variety of halal restaurants and stalls packed together. Many of them are made by natives and also recognized as old store. Huimin Street at night and during the day has a different exciting. The whole street has a strong marketplace atmosphere with lamps hanging along the road. Various stalls and shops there are selling cake, dry fruit, preserved fruit and snack. Barbecue is still the hightlight of the street.